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On philology, potatoes and construction.
Well, this is just my first approach to blog-writing. I want it to be the way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends.

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Pavements (VI)

Different size and orientation to avoid uniformity while keeping straight lines.
Subject: construction - Published 11-11-2013 13:56
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Pavements (V)
Pavements in Ulaanbaatar
Different sizes and cuttings to draw shapes.
Subject: construction - Published 11-11-2013 13:43
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Pavements (IV)

Different sizes and cuttings to draw shapes.
Subject: construction - Published 11-11-2013 13:39
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Pavements (III)

Some pavements combine the same tiles or flagstones to create a pattern
Subject: construction - Published 11-11-2013 13:35
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Pavements (II)
Pavements in Ulaanbaatar.
Pavement in Ulaanbaatar.
Subject: construction - Published 11-11-2013 13:28
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Pavements in Ulaanbaatar
Ulaanbaatar looked like a work in progress when I arrived two months ago. Getting on a bus along the main street that stretches through the city from East to West for more than ten kilometres, the traveller can see construction activity on pavements, pipe lines, new buildings and reforms everywhere. It is the most magnificent buildings that draw our attention first, of course. There are plenty, some also under reform, some others waiting restoration, all of them diverse, showing a great diversity of shapes and styles. It was more recently, two weeks ago, walking around the centre and towards the mountains of the south of the city, that I could appreciate that what looks like a desire for diversity in buildings was also present in pavements. It looked like almost every street had different tiles or a different pattern. So, on my way for a day hike with a group of friends, I quickly took some pictures before we reached the unpaved road and slightly snow-covered paths to the mountain.
Subject: construction - Published 11-11-2013 13:20
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Still in time to begin to gather a new crop with a harvester, I started to pack to move as far from the Greenwich meridian as I have never ever traveled before. 115 degrees of longitude and four weeks after, here I am, learning (I have to teach too, though less often) about grammar and those subjects, I told you when I started to write this blog, that could be of interest to four or five people in the world, though the number could have increased slightly now we are one billion more.

I also wait for another new different cold winter to pass by.
Subject: about - Published 30-09-2013 12:39
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Starting to harvest

Small pieces of land each time. Using a plow instead of a harvester both to prospect and harvest the crop of some more irregular areas.
Subject: potatoes - Published 19-08-2013 21:18
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Open petals

Since the seeds were planted until the plants were full grown, it was rainy every single day. The plants grew healthy and the sun came, a month ago, when they were beginning to bloom.
Subject: potatoes - Published 05-08-2013 17:44
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Maintenance painting (some brush and roller) on outside walls
Good weather to paint some outside walls. Using a brush to cut in the edges and a roller for the rest of the surface. The walls were already painted, no primer, only a washing down was needed.

Two coats were applied, the first one slightly watered.
Subject: construction - Published 05-08-2013 17:39
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The last one (at least took part)
The UNDL Foundation organised the II UNL Olympiad, an event to promote the use of the Universal Networking Language (UNL). Among other uses, the UNL is intended to serve as a pivot language for a global machine translation system.

I decided to participate less than a week before the deadline. It took me three days to prepare the basic corpus and a grammar.

To be the last one in the only modality I took part in!

Congratulations to all the winners, silver and bronze medals included.
Subject: philology - Published 05-08-2013 17:22
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Plowing, tillage, and finally planting (with some rain in between)

First week of May I finished plowing for this year. After some rainy days, I tilled the last piece of land on 9 May, and on 10 May the last (and most of the) potatoes for the year were planted.
Subject: potatoes - Published 27-05-2013 22:50
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