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On philology, potatoes and construction.
Well, this is just my first approach to blog-writing. I want it to be the way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends.

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An arc furnace
I have been working in the refractory lining of a new furnace to reduce silicon. I have had the privilege to participate in different tasks of refractory lining within a metal formwork, applying different lines of mortars, tars and bricks to build the refractory floor and sidewalls of the furnace.
Subject: construction - Published 06-02-2012 20:13
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Trying to understand
How do we begin to understand a language?
Is it efficient to process natural language in a non-linear way? How much does context matter to understand a piece of discourse?

This is my current research on natural language processing. I am working on the assumption that the more known context we have, the easier to process an unknown dependent unit, that is, an element within a sentence within grammatical and functional relationships with other parts of the sentence.

To put it in (I hope) clearer terms: with a known grammar new meanings are deduced from surrounding context. Therefore, those sentences with more already-known terms are the best not only to begin to understand, but also to learn new terms as we have more known context to infer new meanings.

The following scripts try to arrange a text presenting the sentences that are expected to be the easiest to understand and the most productive to give more 'meaning' to the whole text.

Next step: make it dynamic. This is what I have by now.
Subject: philology - Published 06-02-2012 20:07
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