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On philology, potatoes and construction.
Well, this is just my first approach to blog-writing. I want it to be the way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends.

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I came back. Easter has been time for walking with Tula, thinking of Iria, reading and watching films at TV. I have quit my job. I went to the employment office and began to talk with some people from the construction field. I have offered translation and test-reading services in the media field in order to get some plus I find particulary useful at the end of the month. It is time for me to look for something more "permanent".

It rains here these days. It looks like winter (that late, soft, soon-to-be-it's-just-now spring-winter) comes outdated this year. The land is wet. Probably I'll spend some days in the wood, doing some forest work.
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I leave on Wednesday. I'll miss Tula.
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The land is ready

The soil has been ploughed. Now it is a matter of weather and season.
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I have dealt with almost all the steps of building a house from scratch. Painting has been very interesting. I have worked just as an assistant so, all I can say is? how difficult being a good painter is!

Casting is what I like the most and what I have more experience in.

I miss it. Wear the belt, hammer on one side, bag full of nails on the other. Hands holding the box filled with concrete, the shovel being dug and left. Another day comes, casting again !

Props, beams, pillars, walls. And every day, as usual, doing something new. Even if I do, once and once again, the same task.

I began some training just to get some technical knowledge on building standards. I have to thank all the companies where I have worked as I have always had the chance to improve. I think I am happy with what I do. It is not that I do not want responsabilities. It is just that even if it is true that there are some days I wish I were in another place, I like those Fridays when I take a look at the watch, sloooooowly pointing to the hour to leave, and see that structure there which on Monday was not.

Where I am going now:

I will try to keep active in casting and concrete. Probably I will take some technical qualification this year. Materials, techniques, design. I?ll try to focus in a particular casting technique. And, just let routine take its part.

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Iria again
It has been three days, 9 hours, devoted to diachronic linguistics? Iria is so appealing that I have made up my mind: all I have been doing for many years can be focused just on Iria? so it is not a common approach? it is an approach I was looking for, so long !!!

Some points to begin with.

1.- None of the explanations given so far to Iria as a toponomy are satisfactory to me.

2. Iria is the survival, and much more, of what is thought as the most pure, genuine, Galizan roots. Not only for the place of Iria in history , but the meaning itself. It is a pre-latin name. Or at least, it comes from the very beginning of Gallaecia. Until now, all I can say is: it is an icon of Galizaland? I just fall on my knee.

Where I am going now:

I have to learn German, some Swiss German as well (very important for the development of Galizan-Portuguese), I began some basic research on the avant-gardes of the XXth century, the translation of the first branch of the Mabinogi is a priority, I need to review some languages I have worked with? and linguistics is just a small, very small, part of my life. I will try to keep my interest and devote myself to Iria for the rest of the year.

The context is Celtic. I?ll try to explain Iria from its natural, most likely source.

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