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Well, this is just my first approach to blog-writing. I want it to be the way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends.

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Stoic apathy
I must accept that I am far from reaching my main goals for this year, I spend all the money I earn, I should practice more sport, et cetera, et cetera.

As I gave up looking for a girlfriend; as I have a regular meeting only once a week (thank you Servando, I do appreciate your common sense); as Tula is quite busy taking care of the newborns Folerpinha, Belidinha, Caretinha, Chamizinho, Tizãozinho and Rifantinho; I definitely have no excuses not to begin that course on Construction Techniques I have applied for, try to recover the article on Desnos' J'ai tant rêvé de toi I wrote a month and a half ago before my laptop crushed, take some pictures and notes on potatoes and so on.

Thus, thank you very much Mhor for your news on the Celtic dictionary; thanks Miro for your article on the explanation of an anthroponym in terms of its toponymic equivalent (I would publish it), thank you Marcial for your permanent work and keeping me updated in the field of Celtic studies. I have read your messages some minutes ago. You have encouraged me. You have brought me to the right way.

Time to turn from Epicurean towards (semi-)Spartan routine, with a touch of Stoic attitude, Ksab. :-)

I'll get up every morning again with that CD I was given as a present on my trip to the Highlands... Für Anna its strange first tune. :-)

Yes, I am still on time: to keep research, write some of my notes on Iria, the Mabinogi, or those comments on occasional, trivial topics which arrive, for instance when talking about Edinburgh -oops, at the coffee-bar, yesterday, at 13:30 ! - : the relationship between Ovid 's Pygmalion, Bernard Shaw's Eliza Doolitle and AI applications on interactive fiction. Perhaps it could be useful in the future.

On the positive side: I am happy with my job. I notice an improvement in my skills both in casting and brick-laying techniques.

May be I am still on time to take the good, right way :-)

I am going to begin just now. Well, I have to finish that Gibson's novel first. :D

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