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Well, this is just my first approach to blog-writing. I want it to be the way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends.

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U-turns and the same place
Let's be more precise. 360º means the same place, no change in direction. I was using the concept of turn = cycle, so the idea of 360º appeared to me more clear as context was end of a line and beginning of a new one. Obviously to describe the maneuver a U-turn is more accurate, meaning 1/2 a cycle, that is 180º.

An accurate definition rather than doing the maths is the most difficult task !!! :-)

There could be some implicit paradox when I describe the way I did the U-turn. When I refer to length of tractor + plough in terms of diameter it is to express that available area was less (or equal at its best) than the one required for a perfect turn. I was referring, again, to area rather than motion. I should state that apart from using only one brake some back and forward was unavoidable. :-)

All this is to say that I have been plowing land enough to review these and other concepts. For instance, I was trying to relate production per acre in terms of world needs to feed the whole population of this planet. I even rounded our local acre to easily calculate areas of surfaces such as that of Mars or Titan. I was dealing with the exoplanets when I finished the whole land available for this season... :-)

I did so many turns that it is allowed, even if only once, to make a turn = 360º (yes, that means the same place) in order to more accurately check that bunch of primroses I needed to estimate the total number of flowers in the border.

Well..., please don't tell me you still need those :-) things :DDD

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y=mx + c
Using only one brake to turn around 360º within a diameter less than length of tractor plus plough for each one.

I try to keep the most important thing when you plow, being able to focus on it once I have felt confident enough with level of depth and width.

At that point the mind can arrive to say it in English and try to understand German, as if homonymy within a verse. And do not feel so: the wagtails arrived quite soon, as usual.

Come on Ksab! It is only one. Left this time!

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Flowers on the border
I have lost my employment, I couldn't save any money to go on holidays, sometimes Tula behaves as if I weren't there, and it rains stormily, sudden gusts thrumming through the chestnuts.

Fortunately enough I still have the Mabinogi, Gibson's latest yet to be read, the avant-gardes, and a short story dealing with some sort of a time traveling paradox to be translated.

I stay at my parents' (my age! Family is indeed, at least here, the root of society). I must give something in exchange. Thus on Monday I spent most of the day cutting lumber and slashing logs! Yesterday I was plowing a piece of land for the whole day. Dad did the preliminaries, then it was my turn, alone. This is not an easy soil to plow, so apart from keeping the plough 90º to the soil plane, level of depth constant, the mind has time, row after row, to think on, for instance, the latest news on far away in the cosmos, and yet feel if loneliness is not one of the main issues. Therefore after realizing that many flowers have sprouted on the border, I was grateful to, and thus must mention, a male robin jumping over the furrows on my side for the first couple of hours. This little red one is the bird I understand the better. Sometimes I think as if almost everything were to be done. :-)

Come on Ksab! That Massey Ferguson bottom-hose plugged to the radiator costs 9.35 euros and should last more than a couple of years! After checking the engine's temperature is all right I finish another furrow.

I go on with mundane thoughts such as looking for a new job, not an easy task at present it looks like.

Meanwhile the land is too wet to go on plowing. It is time for resting a little bit, and try to accomplish those many things one has never enough time for.
Hence, even if I do not smoke, do prefer radio to TV, yes, I have been counting flowers
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