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On philology, potatoes and construction.
Well, this is just my first approach to blog-writing. I want it to be the way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends.

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Less irregularities and a thinner -and quicker- layer of silt have made made job easier. Thus I have avoided any special mortar. As far as the second layer is concerned I have moved to 1:3 which looks appropriate for the surface I am dealing with.
Subject: construction - Published 29-06-2009 21:35
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Varieties and season
According to family tradition first potatoes were cultivated in these plots in the second half of the XIXth century. The ones shown here in the middle of the picture (plants with more flowers) correspond to our local variety. Although heavily hybridized, it still gives a low yield. However, it has been kept reproducing vegetatively by the tubers year in, year out.

Nowadays most of the plots are cultivated with Kennebec (left and right sides at the picture). All of them have sprouted and developed properly except for some flat areas where too much rain, soil too wet, did not let some seed tubers to sprout.

The weather has been quite good for the plants. This is an excellent soil for tubers to grow.

The little recently-born robins and wrens are already jumping through the shrubs and trees. The wood pigeon and turtle dove are still incubating in their nests. First early season potatoes have been harvested. For this mid-season crop it is all going on bellow ground now: the ends of the stolons have already enlarged, the tubers are growing yet.
Subject: potatoes - Published 29-06-2009 21:13
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There is a need for specialization.

As a mason I have chosen formwork.

It is time for me to improve. I am fully devoted to a course that is going to keep me busy until September. Subject: formwork techniques. Mainly practical, it is what I wanted, and what I needed. Apart from reviewing what I have being doing these years, I deal with different kinds of forms and structural elements under a careful and sage supervision.

In my spare time I am applying a layer of mortar to a ceiling. Not an easy task at all! Surface is made of bricks and concrete with areas of irregularities > 1 cm , so first I applied a layer of silt. It is taking me so long that once I finish the area I have already applied silt to, I shall change the method: first a layer of mortar with adhesive properties, then traditional Portland with sand 1:2.

Subject: construction - Published 01-06-2009 19:43
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