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On philology, potatoes and construction.
Well, this is just my first approach to blog-writing. I want it to be the way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends.

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The publicist
Finally I could find motivation to keep my work on linguistics, (Iria my main subject yet: may be I should try, even if not as elaborated as I would like it to be, a compromise solution in order to be able to go on)... just a review on classical approaches to phonetics... not much.

I have been relaxing reading the first book I bought in my life... a young boy... a collection of poetry dealing with old myths, landscapes of wild nature, dolmens and fairies, written at the XIXth century. If there is something I come back once and once again in my life it is this work. The author is a publicist, just known for this only book.

There are surprises, sometimes, in this life. Two years ago I was reviewing a magazine with quite good stories, the kind of Walter Scott novels, written in Galizaland in the XIXth century. I got almost astonished with so good prose and essays, and a piece of sci-fi, a description, too much scientific I am afraid to be good literature, but amazing in its content, of an interplanetary travel, the same path the Cassini-Huygens did these years...

Oh my God! who were these people? I asked to myself. It is amazing what they were doing, I thought. And, to my surprise I found, yeah, the publicist again. My best companion, so many nights, teaching me on courage, passion, motivation, and... love, sure. :D

Subject: philology - Published 09-06-2008 21:22
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Just a brief note on weather
Quite rainy these months... fortunately the sun came from time to time, enough to allow the plants to grow: a good combination of rain and light. May be a little bit too much for flat lands, where water could stay and damage the seeds. The sun has come again, on time.

Subject: potatoes - Published 09-06-2008 20:59
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This is my third month working with a bricklayer team... a good one indeed, as usual :-)

I still miss those days of casting and concrete ! I am all right, by the way :-)
Subject: construction - Published 09-06-2008 20:49
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