Afonso Xavier Canosa Rodriguez

On philology, potatoes and construction.
Well, this is just my first approach to blog-writing. I want it to be the way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends.

info at canosarodriguez dotnet

I have been asked to carry on a project on onomastic. An index of Galizan names with data on its origin and meaning. First, I need to build a model, a guide. The ideal entry. The one to follow. It is quite a common approach: first you build a pattern, then mass production follows. Iria is the one I have chosen.
Subject: philology - Published 05-02-2008 17:58
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Mmmm, yeah, just some... LINKS !!! to go on
Not and endless node forwarding to more links again, do not panic!!!

A couple of them, both lead to real content. It is just that even if not much, I have been active online these years. So, my blog must mention:

* A translation of the story of Pwyll in Annwfn (first branch of the Mabinogi) from Welsh into Galizan-Portuguese. The Spanish translation was read at the Conference ETNOARQUEOLOGÍA DE LOS CELTAS EN HISPANIA (Ortigueira, 2006). If you are interested in this version, please do send me an e-mail as I haven't published it yet.

* An article on interactive fiction, translations and a literary review can be found at the e-zine on fantasy and SF:

Interactive fiction (Pt)
Cabal em Annwfn (Pwyll, first branch of the Mabinogi) (Pt)
Subject: philology - Published 27-12-2007 12:56
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Solanum tuberosum
From time to time growing and working with potatoes is my main activity. For the past two years I have been living abroad so I haven't been so involved in farming as I did on previous years.

I regard myself as a farmer as far as potatoes are concerned. Of course, my interest in potatoes goes further. From edaphology to food processing.

Potatoes are just amazing to me. Their possibilities. In a world were starving is still a main global concern, it happens to be one of the best (if not the best) sources of energy for a healthy diet.

The Solanum tuberosum adapts quite easy to different enviroment conditions and I expect it to play a leading role in the human exploration and colonization of our neighbour planets.

Its organoleptic proprieties and a relative lack of tradition in our gastronomy (it is just some centuries ago that it became part of the diet out from South America) make it a source of new discoveries for new dishes and food.

So, if you have a good recipe you want to share, I very much welcome it.
Subject: potatoes - Published 26-12-2007 17:14
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More than passion
We are more than 6000 million people in this planet. In this section I will deal with some subjects that, probably, interest just 4 or 5 people (with no zeros at all after the digit) in the whole of humanity at present time. Sometimes these numbers are too optimistic :-)

Philology is my main activity in spare time. For the past years I have been working in the translation of the first branch of the Mabinogi, a collection of stories originally written in Welsh (Celtic language from Great Britain).

My main area of work and interest is diachronic linguistics. I have worked and did research in dialectology, and have developed some work in the field of media and language diversity. (I came to take part as a founder in Abertal as the result of my effort for applying Internet to language diversity).

In the past years I took some interest in literature. I wrote some articles in and at present time I am working on the poetic function of language (I am more interested in its connections with music).

I keep quite constant in diachronic linguistics. Secondary subjects (such as the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph) are dealt with just for short periods of time: new ones come and take their place, or they just become too complex for me to deal with.

Too many interesting fields. A single life is not enough to deal with them all.

Subject: philology - Published 26-12-2007 16:58
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How it all began
So, when you live in a farm, it is quite common to spend sometime of the year with building activities... let's say that even if not as a main task, it is something I am used to deal with.

However it all changes when you devote yourself to building as a full-time, permanent job. I began building a house with 2 other men in 2004. 6 months to finish the basic structure.

Later on I worked with several small companies as a brick-layer assistant, doing a little bit of everything. I am proud of having worked, in my very beginnings, with some of the best professionals I happened to meet until present.

My main field of activity is concrete. Until present I have dealt with country-houses, an up to 4 floor residential building, and some big structures for industrial uses.

I have worked in Galiza for 2 years.
Later on I moved to Zaragoza where I worked mainly with pipelines for 2 months. I highlight the fact of having dealt with a well equipped team where topography made our work not only easier but as accurate as I haven't seen again. We carried on our activity in a very large area: usually I am limited in a small, well-defined ground, hence topography, even if a must, is more basic.

I moved to Catalonia. Different places around the Costa Brava and the Selva building luxury resorts, and, finally, a residential area of 10 individual units.

I came to Switzerland in 2007 where I worked as an assistant mainly in the building of concrete-structures of industrial buildings.
Subject: construction - Published 26-12-2007 14:41
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Just some basic info about me
So, here I am... it was in 1995 when I first built a website. I am back, thanks to my friends at Abertal Networks (a company we founded in 1997) which provides me with the blog technology to make it just a matter of writing and pasting.

Time goes by. And I happen to meet new, interesting people every year. Thus I need a way to keep in touch and just to say I am still here, what I do, where I am, where I want to go.

To begin with I will try to keep myself focused on three subjects:

philology: my passion since I was a child. I studied at university, worked full-time in related fields and it is still one of the most important activities in my life. Abertal even if an internet company is a product of this activity as far as my contribution is concerned.

For the past years I mainly devoted to diachronic linguistics and the translation of the Mabinogi.

potatoes: An activity I devoted myself to since I were a child as well. My mother owns a small farm which produces, mmm, yeah, potatoes. So I am more than familiar with the solanum tuberosum...

construction: there was a time I needed to do something different. Move away. Therefore I began to work at the construction sector. This is my fourth year dealing mainly with concrete and travelling from Galizaland to Aragon, Catalonia, and Switzerland.
Subject: about - Published 26-12-2007 13:56
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