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Percy B. Shelley: A flor que hoxe sorrí
Propóñovos a Shelley (1792-1822):
A flor que hoxe sorrí (The Flower That Smiles Today)

A flor que hoxe sorrí
mañá morre;
Todo canto queremos que fique
téntamos e logo fuxe.
Que é o placer neste mundo?
un lóstrego facer mofa da noite,
breve aínda que brillante.

The flower that smiles today
Tomorrow dies;
All that we wish to stay
Tempts and then flies.
What is this world's delight?
Lightning that mocks the night,
Brief even as bright.

Virtue, how frail it is!
Friendship how rare!
Love, how it sells poor bliss
For proud despair!
But we, though soon they fall,
Survive their joy, and all
Which ours we call.

Whilst skies are blue and bright,
Whilst flowers are gay,
Whilst eyes that change ere night
Make glad the day;
Whilst yet the calm hours creep,
Dream thou and from thy sleep
Then wake to weep.

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