ROTEIROS para o coñecemento da Memoria Histórica de Vilagarcía

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On the night of 15 August 1936, Abaddón the Exterminator transformed into a fascist paramilitary and came to Vilagarcía thirsty for blood and revenge. His objective was to murder in a selective fashion and unleash terror that would cause fear and panic so that the fascists could dominate good people dedicated to democratic principles. When they left—if indeed the criminals ever did leave—five families had been touched by death and their children orphaned.

At dawn after the nightmarish horrible night, María Suárez was distributing bread, as she did every day, between Rañó and Carril. When she arrived at the Compostela beach, she saw a lump on the ground. She immediately realized that it was a person lying face down. She turned the body over and was appalled to see her friend Agustín Castromán, a railway worker from Santiago de Compostela. She wailed and cursed those who had committed the crime. With tears in her eyes she reached the pharmacy in Carril and there Luís Singul and Antonio Meaños lay dead. Their bodies covered with blood, they had been thrown down onto the sidewalk

María, the girl who distributed bread, never forgot that slaughterous night and she never stopped telling the truth of those homicides. It was the same story that remained in the neighborhood and the families of the murdered. It was the memory of victims of an organized repression that ended their lives. This plaque is meant to disseminate knowledge of what happened and acknowledge their sacrifices as martyrs of liberty and democracy.
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