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O disco de Budiño no Top 10 de Songlines
"Home", o disco de Budiño está situado no Top 10 de xaneiro da revista especializada "Songlines".

XosÈ Manuel Budiño is always a musician to watch out for, continually pushing the envelope of his native Galician music further, often in more than one direction at once. Home shows his experimental journey continuing with top musicians as invited guests. The accordion of Basque trikitixa maestro Kepa Junkera opens the rumbustious ëOllin Kaní while the jazz saxophone of Jorge Pardo (key member of Paco de LucÌaís pioneering flamenco group) is there for ëOllos de Salí. And, naturally, the album features his close friend, the cutting-edge Galician singer and piper Mercedes PeÛn, who duets with herself to quite wondrous effect on the beautiful ëInmaterialí. BudiÒo loves to play around in his own recording studio and on his Mac laptop with found sounds and samples. This works blissfully with the ancient voices (from ëAires de Terraí) sampled for the mesmerising ëSempre Alal·í. The way his pipes take up the haunting vocal melody makes the piece totally thrilling. Other times this work takes more getting used to, as with the introduction to ëPedra de Abalarí, which then develops brilliantly with gorgeous violin from Jacky Molard and piano from Paulo Borges.
Hints of various Cuban riffs for the mysterious ëVia Sacra 3í with its marimba and techno touches create a tantalising effect. Straight-up stuff such as ëOrtegalí, with its dense banks of voices, and the closing solo, ëImos Djí, are terrific stuff, as is the fluid and filmic ëNacÌn Na Espumaí. There are always touches of genius in any BudiÒo disc, but Home is full of them.
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